CANBERRA  (1961 ~ 1997)
Canberra was undoubtedly one of the most well-known and loved cruise liners ever built.
A strikingly beautiful ship whose timeless combination of elegance and warmth made her popular for decades with more than a million
British cruise passengers.
Canberra was named after the capital of
Australia, an Aboriginal word meaning:-
'Place by the water' and, by extention,
'meeting place' and appropriately named in
1960 by Dame Pattie Menzies,
wife of the then Prime Minister of Australia.
At the time she was completed in 1961,
Canberra was the largest post-war British
passenger ship and had to be based at
Southampton because she was too large for
the fleet's base in Tilbury.
When Canberra entered service, she was described as, 'The ship that shapes the future'.
This phrase proved apt because in the 1960's she carried thousands of Britons to new lives in Australia under the assisted passenger scheme, whereby emigrants paid 10 towards the cost of their ticket.
Canberra played a key role in the Falklands war; during her 94 days with the task force, she clocked up more than 25,000 nautical miles and landed most of the ground forces who went into action on the Falklands Island.
Despite gracefully bowing out of service in 1997, 'The Great White Whale' will never be forgotten.
  Ship Facts
   Gross Tonnage


  Maximum Speed




     31.23 M

     27 Knots

  Harland & Wolf






      249.39 M

         9.77 M

   2188 passengers

  2 Thompson steam
  turbine/alternator units

17 M
Personally, I've been fortunate enough to have cruised aboard Canberra five times.
I will always look back on those cruises with fond memories & often watch my cruise holiday videos & reminisce on those good times & remember the friends that I made.
I have listed below those cruises.
To view more details on any particular cruise, just click on it.
& if you were on any of them, please get in touch.
I can recommend a great web site dedicated to the
'Great White Whale' which is:- ''.

Glories of Greece       ~     22 Jul - 6 Aug   1989

Midsummer medley     ~      22 Jul - 5 Aug    1990

The Midsummer Med     ~     16 Jul - 30 Jul   1993

Midsummer odyssey      ~     5 Aug - 20 Aug  1994

Glories of Greece        ~     19 Aug - 3 Sep  1995
   A little video clip of 'the last time I seen Canberra =>
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